Here you can find information about the bands I am currently working with, or have been involved with in the past. These are bands that I have been a full, active member of and does not include the many bands that I have depped with or performed as a session musician.


Current Bands

Band Instrument Dates Information
Black Rising - Classic Rock Covers by Rainbow, Dio, Deep Purple Black Rising Drums 2014 – present BLACK RISING are a covers band, performing music by Rainbow, Dio, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Deep Purple, Whitesnake and more. I began with Black Rising on Bass, however moved to the drum throne shortly after.

Black Rising Website

Avenged - Classic Rock Covers Avenged Drums Dec 2013 – present AVENGED are a covers band, performing Bon Jovi, Journey, Thin Lizzy, Guns N Roses, Europe, Ozzy Osbourne and more.

Avenged Website

YCDC - Full Bon Scott Era ACDC Tribute YCDC Rhythm Guitar 2014 – present YCDC are a full tribute to ACDC, covering music from the Bon Scott era exclusively!

YCDC Website

Past Bands

Band Instrument Dates Information
warensemble War Ensemble Lead Guitar 2013 War Ensemble began in May 2013 within a week of the untimely death of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hannemann. War Ensemble is a full and accurate tribute to the music of Slayer. War Ensemble on Facebook
10875_10201876245337149_471765811_n Jeepster Electric Guitar 2013-2014 Jeepster perform music from the 1970′s, with songs by Rod Stewart, Slade, T.Rex and many more. Jeepster on Facebook
 936798_583002258396962_1880755312_n Asmodia Lead Guitar 2000-present (inactive) Thrash Metal from Wakefield! I was the founding member, and the only consistent member of Asmodia, which released a couple of CD’s, Total Corruption, Burn The Cross and Threshold. The band is currently inactive, but the journey is not yet over.
 chewindruidslogo Chewin Druids Drum Kit 2008-2010 Fast and furious punk/metal crossover! The band are still active.
 motorheadcase_bulldog Motorheadcase Bass Guitar & Vocals 2008-2011 A full tribute to the music of Motorhead and Lemmy, performing music from the first album to the more recent Motorizer album. All the classics covered, including Overkill, Bomber, Killed By Death and of course, Ace of Spades! The band do not perform regular and are available for special occasions only.
jeepster Jeepster Drum Kit 2003-2005 My first pro job as a musician. I performed regularly with Jeepster for two years.
asomvellondontv Asomvel Drum Kit 2002 Fast and loud dirty rock, much in the style of Motorhead. With Asomvel I recorded the EP The Blood Eye, and recorded for the TV programme Showcase On TV. The band is still active.
No Image Available! Metallicker Drum Kit 2001 A tribute to the work of the mighty Metallica. The band performed music from Kill Em All upto the Black Album. The group disbanded in early 2002.